And Then It Snowed….

Some events are several days in the making.  Today is such a day.

The forecast was snow.  This was the word we had heard as early as Sunday, November 4th.  The official advisory was for a “Nor’easter,” but, after having heard hurricane warnings, which many did not heed, and then having been hit with Hurricane Sandy, when I heard the “s” possibility, I was planning for snow.

That meant:

1. Getting the kids snow boots on Monday (November 5th).

Kids' New Snow Boots ©Wendy Journalista2. Taking Dad for a haircut and shave – also on Monday.

Dad@BarberBeforeSnowStorm11.07.12 ©Wendy Journalista

3. Stocking up on provisions and cooking.

oup Making In Progress ©WendyJournalista

4. Clearing the decks on Tuesday, November 6th, for voting.

Voting 2012 ©WendyJournalista

And here are the Wednesday results:

iPhone Weather Snow Prediction ©WendyJournalista 

We are so lucky.  To help those who have lost so much, if not everything, in Hurricane Sandy, and now face this snowstorm, try these resources.

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