New Jersey Road Trip after Hurricane Sandy

Behold, the Jersey shore.

Jersey Shore Post Hurricane Sandy 11.10.12©WendyJournalista

It’s too soon for voyagers to travel through the worst-affected areas, but here are some images from other locations along the shore.  Signs may be down, trees may have crashed into porches, planks and blades of windmills (an ice cream shop) may have been torn away, but those folks that remain are thankful and in a rebuilding spirit.

The photos were put together in the “Photo Frame” app.  I’m sure there’s a way to do something similar using just WordPress, but I’m not there, yet.


1 thought on “New Jersey Road Trip after Hurricane Sandy

  1. hi, wendy–
    so much has been said in just the last two weeks about the failure to provide adequate support to the sandy-impacted regions of the northeast but i was wondering, if you have the time or the inclination, if you could speak to it as someone who’s there? your pictures from this post (which i’m finally getting to!) are especially precious because they’re from a person living on the ground there and not from an outlet, you know? what do things look like now? i’m looking forward to reading your updates going forward, for reals.

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