Finnegan Begin Again, NaNoBloMo, Day of the Dead, and Me

Ah, November 1st.

Holiday decorations are already stacked on store shelves, Thanksgiving plans are being finalized.  After a stretch of gentle days, it’s time, in New York City, to bring out our winter coats and find our winter gloves and hats.  All of that has begun to take up some real estate in my brain, but November 1st has its delights/challenges for two more reasons.

The first is Dia del los Muertos.


My Dia del los Muertos 2013

Dia del los Muertos wasn’t as much of A Thing in New York a few years ago, but we, the people of The City of New York, are up for a celebration – and a complex one at that.  Dia del los Muertos is about setting aside mourning for loved ones we have lost and, instead, celebrating their lives and continuing contributions.  I’m in.

The second is that November 1st begets NaNoBloMo – National November Blog Month – a dare to blog every day in November.  Last year, I wrote about the extra courage and planning that many of us feel in taking on a new project in November of all months!  After blogging, then not blogging, and now blogging again, my inner radio is playing the nursery rhyme “Finnegan Begin Again.”  Did you learn this one when you were a child?  There are many verses and many versions, but the one I’m hearing is:

There was an old man named Michael Finnegan,

He kicked up an awful din-again,

‘Cause they said he must not sing again,

Poor old Michael Finnegan.  Begin again!

Blogging through November?  Shorter and still sweet may be the answer.   Finnegan, begin again!

Are you taking on NaNoBloMo?  I’m eager to hear.

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