Happiness at Kinokuniya


Temptation lurks in the downstairs floor of Kinokuniya, a Japanese book, art supply, paper supply, and household accessory store across from Bryant Park.  Bryant Park is home to the majestic New York Public Library, and temporary home to Fashion Week, but I digress.

In the top row of my collage, above, are two iPad covers featuring Basquiat-derived designs.  These make me wildly happy even though (a) I do not own an iPad, and (b) who knows what Basquiat himself would have thought of such a creation.  Maybe he would have liked his images on iPad covers (I’d like to think so), considering that he painted white sweatshirts in 1977.  Now, of course, these sweaters retail, at auction, for just under the price of two new Nissan Altimas together.

On the bottom left of my collage is a selection of Kinokuniya washi tape.  Maps, labels, cancelled vintage stamps, cherry blossoms – they’re all represented.

On the bottom right is a magazine that comes with its own false eyelashes!  What could be more delightful?

I don’t need to own these items – this is not a possession thing.  It’s enough to know that they exist in the world.

Happy, happy, happy.